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For those guys who study in English or want to pass the language exam!


For those who are concerned about that interview in English or just willing to watch Netflix without subtitles.

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We're different

We have different strengths and areas for improvement. Likewise, our objectives and goals differ significantly. Therefore, it is important to have a guide who knows how to identify these individual traits, create an optimal learning environment and use the most effective tools.


At Teaching4All, I offer tailor-made learning. My goal is to make learning languages a simple, convenient, entertaining, and effective experience to develop your skills, regardless of your level.

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Hello, my name is Adri, my students call me Mrs. Balseca. I have been a language teacher for several years, and I love sharing what I know!


I know well the challenge of learning a different language, because I have learned four in my life. My professional training, teaching experience, and my journey learning other languages ​​allow me to guide you in a better way, cutting paths and accelerating learning.


I have taught English and Spanish to children, youth, and adults online in a simple, useful and fun way.


My goal is for you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Let's get a program that is customized and adjusted to your needs,



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Francisco, Argentina

4th grade

Mrs. Balseca helped me learn English quickly through games and in a fun way. Thanks to her it was easier to go to a school only in English. Thank you Mrs. Balseca, I miss you!


Juan, Colombia

11th grade

After four months online with Adriana, I passed my admission exam to an international school. From the first day I felt confident. She was always in good spirits and ready to teach me. I recommend her not only because she helped me improve my level, but because I know that she will give the best of herself to anyone, and you can always count on her.


Oswaldo, Colombia


Adriana is an excellent teacher, she is always very concerned about the student's learning. She has been the best teacher I have ever had and the one that has motivated me the most, I recommend her 100%


Andrei, Romania

11th grade

If you are looking for a very good person who can teach you English then you are on the right website. Mrs. Balseca uses very good techniques and has a very good attitude so that you can learn quickly. Thanks to her I can now understand and learn all my subjects in English. I recommend her a 100%. Thank you Miss for everything you did for me !!


Sofía, México

4th grade

Mrs. Balseca helped me learn English in a fast and fun way, with games and videos. She was also my Spanish teacher and I really liked her classes.

I miss you Mrs. Balseca!


Malin, Germany

12th grade

I struggled a lot with English when I came to an English speaking school and didn’t feel comfortable. Mrs. Balseca was literally my savior. She taught me English in a fun way with games, conversations and helpful exercises. She was always patient and understanding with me and never failed to motivate me to keep going. I miss you Miss and I’m so grateful for everything you did for me.



My son made rapid progress with excellent results. The method that Mrs. Balseca uses, the tools she has, the personalization, her experience, and her knowledge teaching languages are success factors for those who need to learn English and see results in a short time. The results  encouraged my husband and me to start classes with Mrs. Balseca.

Mark  &Joice

Our daughter's grades in Spanish steadily improved under the guidance of Mrs. Balseca, going from an average of D+ to B+ in a span of 3 months. Our daughter stated many times that she was comfortable with Mrs. Balseca's teaching style and materials. She did not only improved her grades, but she actually learned and was able to speak Spanish at the level required for her age and grade.


My son was not fluent in English when he arrived in Houston. Thanks to Adriana Francisco learned the language, but what I must thank Adriana the most is that she did it in a simple and loving way. Always grateful to you Adriana.


My daughter made quick progress with her English. Also, Mrs. Balseca is always very kind and loving. My daughter was very happy with Adriana in her classes and I was also very happy with the results.

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